Social Enterprise Procurement & Certification

Social enterprise procurement is when a business or government chooses to buy goods and services from a social enterprise, purchasing what they already need and achieving positive community impact in the same transaction. It’s a way of using business decisions to make a positive impact on communities and the environment.

Social Traders works to integrate social enterprises into business and government supply chains. Businesses are supported to build the systems, structures and internal culture to prepare them to buy from social enterprise, and social enterprises are certified and supported to strengthen their business model.

Social Traders also advocates for government policy to support social enterprise procurement.

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Get Social Traders Certified and Unlock Procurement Opportunities for your Business

Social Traders provides the only social enterprise certification in Australia. The certification process is designed to verify that the model behind a particular social enterprise really is all about creating social or environmental impact through trade, giving customers confidence about the outcomes they are supporting with their spend.
For WA based social enterprises interested in certifying or in social procurement opportunities, WASEC endorsed social enterprise members are able to receive FREE initial term Social Traders Certification (valued at $500)! For more information contact alex.hooke@socialtraders.com.au or read more about certification here.  
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