Starting a Social Enterprise

Starting a Social Enterprise

Starting a social enterprise offers a unique and impactful way to address societal challenges while creating a sustainable business. 

If you’re passionate about making a difference and are considering embarking on this journey, here are some useful links and resources to help you navigate the path of starting a social enterprise.
Total Green Recycling

Nerd-out before you start-up

Begin your journey by delving into the core concepts of social entrepreneurship. Understand the difference between a traditional business, nonprofit, and social enterprise. Recognise that while profit is a driving force, the primary goal of a social enterprise is to address a specific social or environmental issue. Read What is a Social Enterprise, Attributes of Social Entrepreneur and 5 Impact Models of Social Enterprise.

Information Centres

  • Social Enterprise Impact Lab is both a ground-breaking action-research project and an online evaluation tool, created to help build internal evaluation capacity for social changed-focussed organisations to navigate the complexities of social impact evaluation and reporting. 
  • Centre for Social Impact is based at UWA and has a wealth of resources, publications and tools. CSI also regularly runs events and webinars. 
  • Impact Seed is WA’s leading social impact advisory and offers start-up support and an array of free tools.
  • Waalitj Foundation is here to assist the Indigenous business sector thrive in WA by providing support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to start, grow or sustain their businesses

 Start-up Guides

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